Toddler’s And Their Shoes

Toddlers And Their Shoes


As your child grows and develops so does their foot, this means that what a toddler needs for their foot is going to be different to a child going off to school. And no child’s foot is the same so what is required in the shoe will also vary.


Most toddlers are flat footed, this helps them balance when they are learning to walk and run. The muscles and ligaments in the foot are also still developing and strengthening. Going barefoot or a shoe that is light and flexible is recommended. This type of shoe will still protect the foot but allow the child’s foot to continue to strengthen and allow for growth.


–  Go barefoot as much as possible

– Wear shoes to protect the feet (For example: When leaving the house or playing outside)


Things to look for in a toddler’s shoe:

~A flexible and flat sole

~Rounded toe with plenty of space for the toes

~Good attachment to the foot: i.e. velcro, buckle, lace.

~Adequate Fit: lengthen and width are most important.


* Remember: Your child’s foot grows so fast so continually monitoring the fit is required.


As your child ages and their confidence in walking and running increases, the shoes become a little more sturdy and more protective. The sole will become thicker reducing the flexibility and slightly more support in the shoe is often provided. See our other articles by Virginia Black for more information on Children’s Feet and Shoes.



If you think your toddler’s feet are excessively flat, turn in too much or are generally concerned or unsure about the way they look or walk, then contact us by phone (03) 9372-7452 or fill out the contact us form.


Article by Virginia Black

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