Smelly Feet – Help?!

Do you suffer with smelly feet? Do you notice people’s upturned noses when you take off your shoes around them? Do not fret, you are not alone!

Having smelly feet is very common, especially amongst very active people, pregnant women and teenage boys. Everybody has experienced smelly feet at some point in their life, whether it happens when they wear shoes without socks, exercising or after a day of work. However, if your smelly feet are impacting your life, self-confidence or negatively affecting you at all, there are things out there to help!

Smelly feet are often, but not always, caused by sweaty feet. Other causes of smelly feet may include: 

  • Athletes foot
  • Fungal toenails
  • Poor foot hygiene 
  • Bacterial infections

The good news is, all of these are treatable!

Here are some great tips to avoid smelly feet:

  1. Address any underlying cause of smell (tinea, infection)
  2. Washing and drying feet thoroughly at least once a day. A mild antibacterial soap can be great to use and drying between the toes is a must!
  3. Changing socks at least once a day, for excessive sweaters, more than once if socks become damp. 
  4. Wearing thick, natural fibre socks which pull moisture away from the foot. 
  5. Allowing shoes to thoroughly dry and air out before wearing them again. This involves rotating shoes and not wearing them for more than one day in a row, allowing them to sit in direct sunlight to dry, and if necessary, the use of a device like a Sterishoe can help to dry out and remove smell from shoes.
  6. Using deodorizing shoe inserts 
  7. Using deodorant on the feet! There are foot-specific deodorants sold at pharmacies or regular deodorant can’t work too!
  8. Keeping toenails short and clean, and visiting a podiatrist to remove any hard skin build ups!

If you are concerned about smelly feet, don’t be embarrassed to come and see our podiatrists to help you find a solution to fit you.