Rachel’s Work Out Tips – Five Tips To Get You Motivated & Active This 2017

Rachel’s Work Out Tips – Five Tips To Get You Motivated & Active This 2017

Five Tips To Help Get You Motivated & Active This 2017

I love feeling healthy! I love feeling fit and I especially love feeling strong! Unfortunately for most of us this doesn’t just come naturally and we have to hard work at it!

Unless you are really motivated, the gym is one of those things that a lot of people dread. I’ve convinced myself at least three times in my life that I WILL commit this year to a gym membership only to watch my bank balance go down each month without lifting a single dumbbell! Never again!!

The good news is that there are a lot of things that you can incorporate into your everyday life to increase your strength and fitness!

Here are 5 little tips to help you get motivated!

1. When you’re shopping take a couple of baskets instead of a trolley. As you’re adding to your basket, you’re increasing the weight and your muscles start to build (this won’t happen overnight people!)

2. Everyone has a kitchen bench! This is perfect height for upright push ups and tricep dips. Each time you find yourself in the kitchen do 10-20 reps.

3. As you’re watching your favourite TV show, every ad break hop down on the ground and do a plank, hold as long as you can. Surprisingly this exercise gets easier and easier!

4. Unless you’re not human we all go to the bathroom daily! Every time you need to use the toilet (especially the girls!) squat instead of sitting on the seat.

5. Use the stairs! Use the stairs! Use the stairs! Gosh it’s so much easier to use the elevator but your bottom with love more each step you climb!

Start small, be consistent and work your way up to more. The stronger you get the more motivated you become!


****If you have little people in your world, use their body weight.  They are the best weights because you know you won’t drop them!  Let them sit on your legs as you do horsey rides or pick them up and lift them up in the air for 20 reps! Little do they know you’re multitasking****

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