Ingrown Toenail Treatment & Surgery

A very common and painful condition, ingrown toenails occur when the skin on one or both sides of the nail, grows over the edge of the nail. The result of direct trauma, repetitive trauma (i.e. soccer/running), incorrect cutting of the toenail and congenital issues with the size and or shape of the nail, ingrown toenails are unlikely to resolve without professional podiatric treatment if inflammation, swelling and pain are present.

Ingrown toenail treatment can be as simple as having your toenails professionally trimmed and cared for at regular intervals through to minor surgery that permanently removes of part of the nail bed.

Qualified Podiatrists can correct ingrown nails with a minor in-office surgical procedure. This procedure involves numbing the toe with local anaesthetic, cutting the nail, flushing the area with antiseptic, dressing the toe, and referring you to your GP if antibiotics are required.