Children’s Feet

Alongside regular foot care, children have some very unique podiatric needs. With soft, flexible, growing feet, children can experience a range of foot, ankle and leg conditions that can cause pain, alter their gait and limit their performance in sporting endeavours.


Whilst sometimes children grow out of habits and walking patterns, a thorough podiatric assessment can ensure that important that your child’s feet are growing and developing properly.

Children’s Podiatry can assist children with:

For children participating at competition level in any sport, we recommend a comprehensive podiatric assessment to ensure that your child’s foundation (their feet!) are strong, biomechanically sound and capable of achieving maximum performance.


Specialist Children’s Podiatry also treats active and sporting injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb and ensure that your child is able to obtain their sporting potential.

Podiatric treatment of children’s sporting injuries may include:

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