How Can I Take Better Care Of My Feet?

As we age, we notice more and more how important our feet are. Feet can mean the difference between being fully mobile and being reluctant to walk at all! Over the years our feet take a lot of abuse and walk many many miles so it’s important to make sure we look after them well.

Here are some general foot health tips that your feet will love you for:

Moisturising often

This helps to keep your skin healthy, prevents cracking of the skin and can slow the build up of callous. Moisturise the top and bottom of your feet but avoid getting any in between the toes.

Washing well

A lot of people neglect their feet while showering or bathing, assuming the falling water will be sufficient to clean them. This is not the case! Feet sweat a lot and can harbour a lot of bacteria so deserve a good scrub with a mild soap daily. 

Drying in between toes

Inadequate drying between toes can cause the skin to become moist and fragile, which can lead to infection. If you have trouble drying between your toes or find your feet sweat a lot, methylated spirits can be applied to dry out the area.

Keeping sores clean

Any cut, abrasion or sore on the foot should be kept clean, dry and covered with a bandaid and a dab of betadine or equivalent antiseptic to avoid irritation or inflammation. 

Wearing proper fitting shoes

This is probably the most important healthy foot tip, however it is hard to know what makes a good shoe and what makes a bad one! The truth is, a good shoe for one person can be a terrible shoe for another. All feet are unique and have unique needs. 

Generally speaking, a supportive and comfortable shoe is the way to go. It is important to make sure the shoe is not too big or too small, so shops that offer professional fittings are ideal. The shoe should be around one thumbs width from your longest toe and should be wide enough so that you can wriggle your toes easily, but still keeps your heel firmly in the shoe. 

There are many types of shoes: arch support, stability, high or low heel counter plus many more. Your individual shoe needs depend on your foot shape and structure. A podiatrist can perform an assessment and help determine what will best suit you.