Foot Hygiene in Summer

Summer is the time where we expose our feet to the environment, whether it is the beach, the public swimming pool or even just in our general sandals. Although it is important to let our feet feel the fresh air, it is also important to ensure that we aren’t exposing ourselves to any unnecessary pain and foot problems.

Ensure you keep your feet clean and dry. Thoroughly clean your feet daily and ensure you dry them well afterwards. Moisture built up on the feet, most commonly caused by lack of drying after a shower provides the ideal environment for fungal organisms to grow and spread. This is more commonly seen between the toes where it is more difficult to reach and dry adequately.

Protect your feet in public areas. Your local gym, swimming pool and public showers are breeding grounds for fungal organisms to thrive. Exposing your bare feet to these public places can lead to tinea or verucca pedis (warts). This can be avoided through wearing your sandals or thongs.

Ensure your footwear is breathable. There are around 250,000 sweat glands in each foot. Excess sweat built up in the shoe is the perfect environment for those fungal organisms to breed! Ensure that the material on your footwear isn’t trapping that unwanted sweat!

Check your feet regularly and maintain optimal foot hygiene to keep those feet healthy and see your Podiatrist if any concerns arise.

Article By: Alicia Hart, Podiatrist.

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