Corns and Callus

The foot’s response to excessive pressure, calluses are an area of hard, thickened skin. Often the result of a biomechanical abnormality, tight-fitting footwear, or a predisposition, calluses can be very painful.

Corns are a focal pinpoint of hard, thick skin that takes a cone form deep within the layers of the skin. The treatment of corns involves taking out the deep core and debriding the dead calloused skin away.

Professional podiatric care seeks to remove corns and calluses that cause discomfort and pain. Integral to ongoing corns and callus management is professional footwear advice and minimisation of pressure areas on the foot. Orthotic/Arch Supports can also serve a long-term preventative goal, off-loading the high-pressure friction areas.

Corn pads containing acid are not recommended by Podiatrists and should NEVER be used by diabetics and those with diminished circulation.