Children’s Feet

Unlike adult feet, Children’s feet are soft and flexible. Comprised of mostly cartilage, children’s feet are prone to damage from abnormal pressures, including ill-fitting shoes.

Pain in children’s feet or lower limbs is NOT ‘normal’ and early assessment and intervention is key to keeping your child happy and active. Our Specialist Children’s Podiatrists are highly trained and experienced in working with children, making assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children fun and interactive.

“I wish I had brought my child in sooner, I didn’t know how much you could do to help” – Mum of Josh, aged 6

Common walking abnormalities can cause significant discomfort and distress for children. Walking abnormalities can including:

  • Growing Pains (Severe’s Disease)

  • Bow legs/Knock knees

  • Walking with the toes pointing inward (pigeon-toed) or outward

  • Habitual toe walking

  • Excessive pronation (rolling in) or supination (rolling out)

  • Heel Pain/Arch Pain

  • Neurological Conditions

Whilst some walking conditions resolve naturally over time, persistent gait patterns can be treated with podiatry.   

‘Growing Pains’ are a loose term used to describe pain in a child’s feet, knee, ankle or even hips during pivotal growth phases. Commonly known as a form of growing pain, Severs Disease (heel pain) can be severe enough to limit daily activities. Heel pain in growing children is commonly experienced during growth spurts (between the ages of eight and thirteen).

With a thorough Biomechanical Assessment, a specialist children’s podiatrist can determine if your child’s heel pain is related to developmental processes. Recommendations including orthotics/arch supports, strapping techniques and treatments can alleviate discomfort.

Neurological conditions in Children are a common cause of foot and lower limb problems. Often noticed when a child begins walking, conditions of the foot and lower limb can become more pronounced with age. Affecting how the brain fires the muscles to switch on and off during different aspects of the walking cycle (gait cycle), neurological conditions can lead to balance problems, muscle tone problems and sometimes pain. A specialist children’s podiatrist is trained to assess and treat children with neurological conditions to improve walking, balance and pain.