Foot Care Resources

Our patient videos and information are designed to compliment your podiatric care at Barefoot Podiatry. They are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or podiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider.

Strapping Videos

'J Strap' Ankle Injury Strapping Technique

Achilles Tendon Injury Rigid Strapping Technique

Grip It Tape - Achilles Injury Strapping

Foot Care Articles

How Do I Look After My High Arched Foot?

High arched feet are not as common as flat feet, but as podiatrists we still see quite a lot of them. High arched feet are often associated with very stiff joints, minimal shock absorption, foot pain and corns and callouses. The general shape of a high arched foot means many of the joints are in […]

Does Your Child Suffer From Heel Pain?

There is a range of factors that contribute to heel pain in children. Some common reasons why kids develop heel pain are but not limited to:  Inappropriate footwear  Growth spurt  Flat feet  Abnormal walking or ruining biomechanics  Let’s break down each of these reasons in more detail.  Inappropriate footwear:  When It comes to shoes, it […]

Stretching Videos

Superman's Gluteus Medius Strengthening Exercise

VMO Strengthening Exercise

Bent Leg Achilles Strengthening Exercises

Straight Leg Achilles Strengthening Exercises

'Fire Hydrant' Gluteus Medius Strengthening Exercises