Corn? Callus? What’s The Difference? Can A Podiatrist Help?

Corn? Callus? What’s The Difference? Can A Podiatrist Help?

Corns & Callus

What Are Corns & Callus?

Thickened areas of skin on the feet is commonly callus. They are extra layers of skin that form on top of the normal layer of skin due to excessive rubbing and pressure on the skin. The body usually produces it to try and protect the feet. Callus is generally not painful but if left can become painful and can even cause the skin to split which can be very painful making it uncomfortable to walk.

Corns, on the other hand, are a sharp bundle of skin that go deep within the layers of the skin. Corns, are usually more tender and people often complain they feel like they have ‘bits of glass’ in the foot. Corns usually form on high pressure areas of the foot too yet can form in between the toe and on top of toes which can be more painful than the bottom of the foot.

What Are The Causes Of Corns & Callus?

The most common cause of corns and callus is ill-fitting footwear. This causes rubbing on certain areas or can make the foot walk in an abnormal gait pattern which causes abnormal loading and pressure on the foot. Your foot type can be the major cause of development of corns and callus.

Poor foot mechanics is another major cause of corns and callus. A high-arch foot type tends to be more rigid and can put more pressure on the balls of the foot. A pronated foot type can also cause corn and callus development due to the arch being too mobile and putting more friction on certain parts of the ball of the foot.

Some people has a natural tendency to develop corns and callus due age factors, genetics, and skin type. Some sports and activities where the foot is subjected to greater force and pressure can be a predisposition for corn and callus development.  Occupations where you are standing for long periods of time, (particularly hard surfaces), can also mean corn and callus development.

How Do You Treat Corns & Callus

The most important thing with corns and callus is to NEVER do it yourself! Always seek a podiatrist first. Some skin conditions may appear as a corn or a callus when it is something completely different. Over the counter treatment is NEVER recommended until a consultation with a podiatrist. If you have diagnosed it wrongly, you will only cause more problems as well as infections. Over the counter treatment also only treats the problem but not the cause so often returns.

A podiatrist can gently remove corns and callus which usually provides immediate relief. They can also discuss ways to off load the area and give advice on footwear.



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Article by Kim Thompson

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