Blisters – Get rid of them for good!

Blisters are a sack of fluid that form in the upper layers of the skin and the feet, in particular, are more prone to blisters. They occur due to internal structures rubbing, ‘Skin shearing’, which causes small tears under the skin which fill with fluid. A warm, moist environment as well as ill-fitting shoes can contribute to skin shearing leading to blisters.

Blister prevention


Correct fitting socks, padded socks to reduced pressure and materials that help absorb the moisture away from the skin, for example Moisture-Wicking socks.


Applying lubricant to reduce ‘rubbing’ forces for example Vaseline. 


Well fitting shoes; in length, width and depth.

Skin Toughening

Gradually building up resistance of the skin cells.


Aids in reducing shearing forces however this can be different from time to time; person to person.

Biomechanics and Arthotics

The way you walk and run can make you more prone to blisters; see your podiatrist for an assessment and management.