5 Tips to Healthy Feet This Summer

Supportive Thongs

Most people love to wear their thongs in the summer time but make sure you get a pair that provide your feet with some support. It’s also important to try and resist the urge to wear them all day!

Protect your feet from fungus

Fungus likes moist, soft and warm environments so during the warmer weather make sure you dry between your toes thoroughly; if you’re feet are sweaty change your socks more regularly or air your feet out a little if required. Also wear thongs or sandals around the pool side and in communal and public areas such as the showers. 

Moisturise; prevent your feet from drying out

Cracked heels are more common over the summer periods; the skin becomes drier than and we wear opened shoes and sandals more often. Apply cream to your feet daily to help the skin stay smoother and softer. 

Apply Sunscreen

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet, they also need protection from the sun. And have your freckles and skin lesions checked… They can also appear on our feet or between our toes!

Remove nail polish

Often over the summer period many people leave their nail polish on for months without giving their toe nails a break. Where possible remove the nail polish from the toe ails as it creates barrier and can cause discolouration of the nail, it can dry the nails out and even cause them to become brittle and break.