5 Running Tips For Your Feet

Adequate fitting shoes

Get professional fitted for shoes. Everyone has a different requirement from their shoes. It is important to take into consideration your foot type and the type of activity you are doing when looking at the shoe that is best suited for you. Keep in mind the fit of the shoe, ensure it is wide enough and has one thumb distance from the tip of the shoe to your big toe. Function of the shoe is important as each shoe is designed to provide support and comfort in different conditions. The Feel of the shoe is also important; ensure that it feels comfortable to you. Although it might be the perfect shoe for its purpose and your foot type it may not feel comfortable. 

Ease into it slowly

 It is important when starting out any new activity not to rush into it too quickly. It takes time to build up endurance and muscle strength. Injuries are more likely to occur if muscles are put under more stress then they can handle. 

Drink plenty of water 

Keep hydrated, water plays a role in lubricating your joints and transporting nutrients to where your body requires them to give you energy. If you are dehydrated your body can’t perform to its highest level, this can lead to muscle cramping and dizziness


 It is easy to forget about stretching out the muscles when completing any activity. Stretching keeps the muscles long and flexible whilst improving joint range of motion. Without stretching muscles become short and tight and when they are required to be activated are more likely to become injured. 

Don’t forget to let your body recover. 

Overuse injuries are a common issue seen by Podiatrists. It takes time for your body to adapt to these demands. Ensure you have a decent rest between running periods will decrease the likelihood of developing an overuse injury.